Keeping you Balance in Ecuador

Okay, I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but apparently you can balance an egg (but not yourself) while standing at the middle of the world.  Where exactly will you find this?  Well, along the equatorial line in Ecuador of course!  Just north of Quito you will find what is said to be the Earth’s mid-point… 0 degrees latitude, 0 minutes, 0 seconds.  GPS verified as well.  Now, apparently a monument erected to commemorate the middle of the world happens to be a few hundred feet off, but considering it was well prior to GPS, I will still give them the benefit of the doubt… just walk a little to the north!

Ecuador is bordered by Colombia to its north, Peru on its south and east, and the Pacific Ocean on the west.  It also lays claim to the famed Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to some pretty big tortoises and some of the world’s most amazing wildlife.

While Ecuador is famous for it’s geography (and so much more), the country is also moving along as a great destination for meetings, events, incentives and more.  Quito, the capital city, counts with such venues as Cemexpo with 145,000sf of exhibit floor space, Quorum Quito with 87,000sf of space with capacity for 2200, and Quito Exhibition Center with 78,000sf of floor space as a few of the venues available for larger scale programs.  The city also has a wide range of hotels, including international brands such as a JW Marriott, Swissotel and Hilton with meeting space of their own for smaller corporate programs.  While Quito is the capital city and colonial center of the country, Guayaquil has become a financial, political, cultural and entertainment hub having gone through great urban regeneration becoming a focal point for tourists visiting Ecuador.  The country counts with various regions to offer different experiences everywhere you go.

For more information on travel to Ecuador, visit and for information on Quito visit the Quito Convention Bureau’s site at

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