A Climate for Everyone

Okay, I’m not naive, and yes you can go anywhere in the world to find the “ideal” climate that will suit the preferences of your guests.  However, what impresses me about various countries within the Latin American region is the proximity of so many varying climate types that can take people from one extreme to another within a short drive or flight.  Maybe it has to do with the geographic placement as well as the topography and other scientific words that I’m not really experienced with enough to use, but nevertheless, it provides for opportunities that are very unique.

For example, in Chile, within a 2 hour’s drive you can go from snow skiing to the beach.  In Bolivia a one hour flight takes you from the highest government seat in the world to a sub-tropical climate.  In many locations it’s not even about the change in climates from one area to another but instead the consistency of the weather.  Ironically enough, Arica, Chile, a beachfront town near the border with Peru and famous for its surfing is also the driest place on earth, with only 0.03 inches of rain per year!   Panama, due to its location is set in just the right spot to avoid major natural weather incidents such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

Consider looking into the various destinations Latin America has to offer and see that if your group is particular about a certain activity, there are multiple locations to cover your needs.


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