Bridging the Gap between Students and Professionals

Target Audience: Planners, Suppliers, Students
Example Program Track: Professional Development, Student/Faculty, Leadership
Expertise Level: All
Optimum Duration: 90 minutes – 15 minutes intro, 60 minutes program, 15 minutes wrap-up

A/V Requirements: Projector, screen, lavaliere microphone, 2 flip charts with markers

Summary:  For the first time in the formal history of the meetings and events industry, more new entrants to the industry are coming from university degree and/or certification programs. People have chosen to be part of this industry as opposed to “falling into it”.  In this program, participants are divided into two groups: students/new entrants and industry veterans. Each group will be asked to come up with three questions they would like to ask of their counterparts based on generational issues.  Each group will then be given the opportunity to present a question to their counterparts at which point they will be responded to and an open discussion will commence. The program will be facilitated in such a way to provide open and relevant discussion but still allow time for all questions to be asked and answered.


  1. Participants will have an opportunity to learn things from their counterparts that they may not have known in individual conversations
  2. Students/new entrants will have the chance to understand what is expected of them or what the industry has to offer once they begin their formal work in the field.
  3. Industry veterans will have an opportunity to learn about their future colleagues and what new educational programs have prepared them for in order to integrate into the industry.

Fee: Please contact Eli at or +1.786.325.1782 to discuss fees related to this program.