Overcoming Destination Misperception ©

Target Audience: Planners, Suppliers
Example Program Track: Professional Development, Meetings Management
Expertise Level: All
Optimum Duration: 75 minutes – Mix of program presentation, case studies and open discussion

A/V Requirements: Projector, screen, lavaliere microphone

Summary: We have all done it before… completely eliminating a destination from our list of options because of the perceptions surrounding it. But the fact may be that the destination is actually perfect for your group. It’s quite common that destinations are looked over because they are perceived in a negative manner and the facts may be completely overlooked. This session will look into the issue of perception and its role in selecting destinations for meetings and events.  Through interactive lecture, discussions and case study reviews, participants will have an opportunity to see that their options are much greater if they are willing to keep an open mind.


  1. Understand how perceptions are derived and how to differentiate between perception & reality
  2. Learn how to approach researching a destination in order to overcome perception issues
  3. Prepare a plan to educate attendees and stakeholders on the facts of a destination

Fee: Please contact Eli at egorin@hospitalitygrowthpartners.com or +1.786.325.1782 to discuss fees related to this program.