Professional Designations: Which, if any, Is Right For You?

Target Audience: Planners and Suppliers
Example Program Track: Professional Development
Expertise Level: All
Optimum Duration: 60 minutes – 45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes Q&A

A/V Requirements: Projector, screen, lavaliere microphone

Summary:  Having the letters after one’s name for some is a sign of distinction and respect, while for others is something that is done for one’s own benefit. So how do planners determine which designation, if any, is right for them? This program will provide an overview of the various designations which are found in the meetings and events industry and will open up a discussion with participants as to the value of the titles after a person’s name.


  1. Understand the difference in all the titles which are available out in the field
  2. Determine which, if any, is the right designation to try and achieve
  3. Determining the proper reasoning for attaining or not pursuing an industry designation.

Fee: Please contact Eli at or +1.786.325.1782 to discuss fees related to this program.